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Sandwiching systems

Wire cut sandwiching machines designed for sandwiching biscuits or crackers, round, square, rectangular, with mechanical output rate from 800 to 4800 sandwiches per minute. The system can work with sweet/savory creams or jam, simultaneously with:

  • One color
  • Two colors
  • Three colors
  • Two colors, cream and jam

Each working phase is controlled electronically to ensure maximum precision in cream dosage. All system parts in contact with the product are full stainless steel or other food-grade material.

If requested, FPE can guarantee a remote support service that will enable you to constantly monitor the system. All the sandwiching machines in this range come complete with an operator-friendly control panel and mimic panel.


Automatic filling systems from cooling to wrapping

Automatic handling systems designed to meet the specific needs of every client for feeding sandwiching machines and conveying dry or sandwiched biscuits directly to packaging units.

Systems designed to deliver and wrap dry or sandwiched crackers:

  • singles
  • in piles
  • stacked with volumetric portioning
  • stacked with counting portioning

Complete automation of product feeding, conveying, and portion making phases by means of semi or fully automatic handling systems to eliminate labor costs or increase output rate.

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Packaging machine feeding systems






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